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055018 - The Memory Backup electrical equipment


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055018 - The Memory Backup electrical equipment

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A device for memory backup electrical equipment to attach to the cigarette lighter socket.

1.Podłączyć device to the "lighter" in the vehicle.
2.Wyłączyć all possible load capacity of the vehicle: the world, Radio, CB, CD, heater, ceiling lights, fans, air conditioning, wipers, seat heating, additional amplifiers, LCD displays, game consoles, TV, mini-bar, refrigerator, etc.
3.Connect plug the device into a power outlet 230V AC 50 Hz.
4.Upewnić that the cigarette lighter socket is powered without the need to include "Flash".
5.Sprawdzić eg charger to the phone.
6.Gdy slot after the ignition is turned off, turn the key in the start position but do not start silnika.055018 - The Memory Backup electrical equipment

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