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In accordance with the provisions of any consumer who concluded at a distance or away from business premises may withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days of receipt of goods.

What should I do to effectively withdraw from the contract of sale?

  1. Send a letter, preferably by registered post to the Seller, in which we write, we want to exercise our right to terminate the contract. It is important that the letter was sent not later than the 14th day after the date of receipt of the package.
  2. In the next 14 calendar days must send or deliver the goods to the Seller.
  3. Over the same 14 days Seller shall refund the payment for the goods.

The cost of returning the goods to the store?

  • The customer shall return the goods at their own expense, or pay for returning the goods to the Seller. The form is free to choose their supplier. The client should also ensure proper packaging so that sent the goods have not been damaged during transport.
  • The seller should ask the customer value of the goods and delivery charges, which the Client suffered by paying for your order. This means that if a customer ordering goods paid 100 zł for goods and 20 zł per shipment, the seller should pay him 120 zł.

Form of returning the goods.

At this point, you can return the goods to download the form in PDF or doc. Is free to download the form.




When you can not give up the goods?

There are a few exceptions, due to the nature of the ordered goods, where the right to withdraw from the contract will not be us, as consumers are entitled for.

The personal characteristics of the goods.

If you order a product, which will be made to your order, ie. has been adapted to your needs then you can not withdraw from the contract.

An example of such goods is:

  • print photos on the goods sent,
  • sew initials or another specified string,
  • select the color, which is not standard in the product,
  • execution units in size, eg. providing material which is sold by the meter, eg. 2-meter strip cut to the length specified in the contract, eg. 1.8 m.

The goods, which, due to their nature can not be returned.

For this category of products include, for example. the tool after opening the sealed package. These are such goods, where after opening seller can not sell them further reasons for the violation of the package.

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