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Store regulations are available here regulations .

All words, expressions and acronyms appearing on this page and beginning with a capital letter (eg Seller, Online Shop, Electronic Service) should be understood in accordance with their definition contained in the above regulations of the Online Store.

Account creation

In order to conclude an agreement for the provision of Electronic Services consisting in maintaining an Account in the Online Store, the following data should be provided on the Online Store's website in the Registration Form:
  • it is necessary to provide the following data: name and surname; address (city, zip code, street, house / flat number, country); e-mail address; contact phone number and account password (in the form of an encrypted field). In the case of Clients who are not consumers at the same time, it is necessary to additionally provide the company name and tax identification number (required data is marked with a *).
  • then you must accept the Regulations. Acceptance of the Regulations should be confirmed by unchecking the relevant field informing about the acceptance of the Regulations (required data marked with *).
  • then click the Create Account box and at this point a contract for the provision of Electronic Services consisting in keeping an Account in the Online Store is concluded.

Placing Orders

  • The Customer selects the Product that interests him by clicking on the Product name, product image (graphic) or the Order field next to the Product displayed on the Online Store website.
  • The customer is then redirected to the Online Store website where the description of the selected Product, its price, parameters, available options is available. If the customer wants to continue placing the order by purchasing a given product, click on the Add to basket .
  • field
  • at this time, an agreement is concluded for the provision of Electronic Services consisting in the possibility of placing an Order in the Online Store by completing the Order Form and the Customer is redirected to the Online Store website where:
    • Customer is informed about the unit and total price of selected Products,
    • The Customer has the option of modifying the submitted Orders (eg changing the quantity or deleting Products),
    • The customer selects the delivery method and is automatically informed about its cost,
    • Customer chooses the payment method.
  • after selecting the order option, the Customer clicks on the Checkout field, then is redirected to the page from which he can log in to his account (if it was previously set up in the Online Store) or maybe set up a new account for the purpose of submitting the Order. The Customer who has an Account gives his e-mail address and password to the Account and clicks the Log in box. A customer who does not have an Account gives an email address and clicks Next , and then follows the Account creation procedure.
  • after logging in or registering a new account, the Customer is redirected to the Online Store website where the summary of the order is placed. On this page, you can:
    • change of customer data and delivery address,
    • add comments to the . Order
  • this page also includes:
    • specifying the subject of the Order,
    • unit and total price of selected Products, including delivery costs and other additional costs, if any,
    • chosen method of delivery and payment,
    • information and option to accept the store regulations (acceptance is required to place an order),
    • additional information about the lack of the possibility to withdraw from the contract along with the options for their acceptance (no acceptance prevents placing an order).
  • then click the ORDER AND PAYMENT button, after which the Customer is redirected to the Online Store website where the information is placed that the Order has been placed - at this moment an Order is placed in the Online Store by filling in Order form. The e-mail address of the Customer provided during registration is sent an email confirming the order, along with the details of the order placed.

Additional information

Information on methods and technical measures for detecting and correcting errors in the entered data:
  • when placing orders, until the ORDER AND PAYMENT button is pressed , the customer can edit the data themselves by clicking the Edit field and changing the item in the summary of the order.
  • verification or correction of the Order can also be made by sending an e-mail to the Service Provider (Seller) to the address
  • the customer can change the data entered during the creation of the Account at any time by using the option under the Account.

Information about the rules and methods of recording, protecting and making available by the Service Provider (Seller) to the other party to the content of the concluded contract:

  • consolidation, security and access to the content of the concluded contract for the provision of Electronic Services is done by sending an appropriate e-mail after the conclusion of the contract,
  • consolidation, security and disclosure of the content of the Sales Agreement concluded is in two ways:
    • by sending the Service Recipient to the e-mail address provided for in the concluded contract,
    • by printing and providing the Customer with the Specification of the Order and proof of purchase,
    • the content of the concluded contract is additionally recorded and secured in the Service Provider's IT system and made available at every request of the Service Recipient.

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