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This warranty applies to the quality of goods purchased on the basis of sales contracts between Tesam S.C. with its registered office and address in Łabowa 256A 33-336, entered into a business 16410/01 and 16409/01 number issued by the Mayor of Nowy Sacz tax identification number: 734-00-28-716 isbn: 490021695. e-mail:, phone +48 18 442 77 40, and customers.

Tesam S.C. grants you a quality guarantee for the smooth functioning of the goods listed on the sales. Warranty period is indicated in the box next to the product (expressed in the form xx, where xx is the number of months) and is calculated from the date of purchase of the equipment.

Customer powers Warranties expire automatically: after a period of Guarantee; if you make any change, modify, add, or replacement of the goods or any of its parts by you or anyone other than Tesam S.C. ; for the operation of the product in a manner inconsistent with its intended use and the instructions Tesam SC and the manufacturer of the goods; in the absence of proper maintenance of the goods in accordance with the instructions Tesam SC and the producer of the goods; in case of damage or defects in the goods arose as a result of: any injury mechanical, electrical system short-circuit.

The warranty on the goods sold does not exclude, limit or suspend the buyer's rights with respect to the seller of the goods resulting from the non-conformity. The relationship of this Guarantee shall be governed by Polish law

Details of the guarantee can be downloaded by clicking on the picture ->


They are directed to the client's request of the Seller or the Contractor's services remaining in connection with the unsatisfactory quality of the goods or services primarily to request replacement, repair the goods or to improve the services, as well as request a refund for goods or services, or price reduction.

Cases complaints are currently governed primarily by the provisions of the Civil Code and in terms of consumer sales by the provisions of the Act of 27 July 2002. On special conditions of consumer sales and amending the Civil Code (Dz. U. of 2002., No. 141, item. 1176).

On the basis of that law, the buyer may require the seller free of charge replacement or repair of goods not in conformity.

However, if the defect is important and at the same time:
1. the seller is not able to fulfill such a request within a specified time;
2. repair (replacement) would cause significant inconvenience to the buyer;
3. repair (replacement) are impossible or would require too high costs;
4. the consumer has the right to demand a price reduction or terminate the contract.

Complaints goods not in conformity may be filed within one year of its purchase. In the event of an exchange term start again. Importantly, the complaint should be made not later than two months after the detection of non-compliance with the agreement.

NOTE: The seller shall be liable to the buyer if:
1. consumer goods is inconsistent with the contract and at the same time
2. This inconsistency existed at the time of delivery of the goods.

If the seller has received from the buyer's request to bring the defective goods into conformity with the contract for free repair or replace with a new one, did not respond to the request within 14 days, it is believed that declared them to be justified.

Said powers can not be excluded or limited by an agreement before notifying the seller of the incompatibility of consumer goods with the contract. In particular, this can be done by a statement of the buyer that he knows of any non-compliance with the contract goods or by the choice of law other than Polish.

Each of the advertised product, please send the complete (in the original). In another form of the complaint will not be considered, unless otherwise agreed by the parties to the dispute by means of communications before the complaint (eg. Via mail, phone). The complaint will be considered upon receipt of all items advertised kit, along with a completed complaint protocol.

Defective merchandise can deliver customer in container, which will provide an adequate level of protection of goods during transport.

Tesam S.C. there is no obligation to provide the customer a replacement product for the duration of the complaint procedure.
All complaints should be sent to the following address:

Tesam S.C.
33-336 Łabowa 256 A

alt Complaint Protocol*.pdf

alt Complaint Protocol *.doc


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