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Removing the injectors near Nowy Sącz - Łabowa 256A - Lesser Poland - Tesam

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Removing the injectors near Nowy Sącz - Łabowa 256A - Lesser Poland - Tesam

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Our company deals with removing baked, damaged, replaced, broken injectors in gasoline and diesel engines.

We have 100% efficiency in removing them, without damaging the heads.

Everything is made on the car without removing the head. (there are cases that will need to be removed, but this is sporadic)

We have specialized equipment so that the customer can be sure of the correctness of the replacement, in accordance with the technology of the car manufacturer.

We replace all injections in a few hours.

The price of replacing such an injector depends on the degree of baking and the work that will have to be put into its replacement.

More details on the phone number:
tel. (18) 442 77 40

We invite you on:
from Monday to Friday - between 7-18
Closed on Saturday
Closed on Sundays

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