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S9999976 - Modifier Plus - Effective protection and improved quality of the engineS9999976 - Modifier Plus - Effective protection and improved quality of the engine
S9999976 - Modifier Plus - Effective protection and improved quality of the engine
S9999976 - Modifier Plus - Effective protection and improved quality of the engine

S9999976 - Modifier Plus - Effective protection and improved quality of the engine


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Effective protection of the engine with modifiers Plus

Military secrets - your engine!

Preparation, which until 1994 was a closely guarded military secret Russian army, now is also available on the Polish market. This modifier Plus - a unique measure antyfrykcyjny and corrosion. Founded in military labs to really achieve their aims, namely to protect the engine, to extend its life and increase the power of the result of ongoing research, Customizer Plus formula was further refined and adapted to most types of engines. For many years used in the European Union and the world, where it still sold a million units.

Nanotechnology in everyday use ... how does it work?

Modifier Plus is a revolutionary measure based on extensive research and is a product of high-tech military.
Principle Customizer Plus consists in modification of metal surface (at the molecular level) inside silnika.Wiążąc during engine operation to metal surfaces, modifier plus a hard layer formed oriented macromolecules, which are characterized by extremely low coefficient of friction and extremely resistant to destruction. Macromolecules Lengmurowe to form the structure with the axes of the spiral form located on the surface, allowing the persistence of oil on the metal surface. As a result, all the incredible increase in engine capacity and its working age.

Modifier Plus improvers, metal, and not motor oil. Does not react with the oil, which means that it only transports the oil to all metal parts inside the engine.


Modifier Plus has an exceptionally high resistance to destruction, much larger than the metal engine parts such as piston and cylinder. This means that decreasing the potential for superficial damage. In this way extends the life of the engine at least twice. The engine, which uses modifier Plus, he passes until the comprehensive review of two more kilometers than even well-cared engines, which did not apply a similar procedure.


More km for less money. By reducing friction between engine parts, fuel consumption is reduced from 8 to 12%. So, after repeated calls cost refueling Customizer Plus.

Customizer Plus price of 179 gold

Costs not included engineering services:

From 2000 to 5000 zł

The choice is yours!

50 km without a drop of OIL

In contrast to all other similar products, Modifier Plus is the only tested product on the world market, which provides complete engine protection, to the extent that when the engine is without a drop of oil can damage the engine without any further cross at least 50 km!

Warning: look what can happen with the engine after the application of unexplored preparations from unknown manufacturers.

Below are the engine works with modifier:


It is clear that not advisable to drive without oil. These tests are conducted to show that even in such extreme conditions, like riding without a drop of oil, 100% modifier to protect the engine! Modifier Plus gives you the best results when it is poured into the engine, which contains oil.


The logical consequence of the reduction of friction between the various components is to increase engine power, since in this case a few kilowatts and is not substantially consumed to overcome the resistance in the engine. Moreover there is uniformity and to increase the compression in all cylinders. As a result, your car again gain power and acceleration, which he held when he was new.

Halting "DRY START"

In each engine, all the oil before the start is in the crater, so the piston and cylinder are completely dry. When booting the first few revolutions of the engine is almost dry, which in turn leads to damage to the engine. When using Customizer Plus is a phenomenon never occurs. Layer formed Customizer Plus always stopped wearing thin layer of oil and can not be descended into the crater. Thus, lubrication is always guaranteed and there is no damage. As a result, it is also much easier engine start, as the piston and cylinder already at the first speed is oiled, and not dry. Also, if during operation of the engine oil level drops, Modifier Plus protects the engine from seizing.

Modifier Plus has been tested in the greenhouse Gadget TVN Turbo (02/12/2008).


Very simple - the engine should pour the contents of the bottle and start the engine. After 30 minutes of work the engine has been completely subjected to treatment. Effective action Customizer Plus will appear during the next 50,000 km. In the meantime, you should normally make an oil change, because the layer Customizer Plus is connected to the engine parts.

Unlike other surface-active measures, performance characteristics Customizer Plus increase during prolonged use, but the overall effect is reached after crossing the 1.000 km. It applies to all types of engines (diesel, gasoline), clutches, differentials, in all mechanisms, where there is friction. You can add all types of oils.

The contents of the bottle is sufficient for 5 liters of motor oil or 2.5 liters of oil into the gearbox, which means that the smaller engines, one bottle is enough for the engine and clutch.

Modifier Plus gives excellent results in protecting the new engines, as well as regeneration of old and damaged engines. Modifier Plus holds patents and certificates in Europe, Russia, USA. He received many international certificates of honor.

This product is unique, has repeatedly tested in extreme conditions in the eyes of an international audience, "ENGINE WORK WITHOUT drops of oil."


1st Why is the only and best way to engines?

Because this product was created by long-term testing the whole team of Russian scientists and created it solely for the purposes of the Russian army vehicles and not for commercial purposes, or civil needs. On the occasion of disintegration of the former Soviet Union production Customizer Plus was privatized and since 1994, produces and sells it as a commercial product to free trade. Manufacture of the preparation itself is complicated and expensive, and most important is that the modifier Plus it really does, what is created - well a long time to regenerate and protect the engine - 50 thousand. km.
2nd What modifier Plus differs from the "similar" means?

Production Customizer Plus is a huge screw-machine work of many complex machines and equipment. Production process itself is under 24-hour surveillance. In the territory of the factory there are laboratories that examine every detail of daily batch specyfiku.

The second important difference is that our podukt Modifier Plus is sold in networks LUKOIL, SHELL, OMV, SLOVNAFT (in Europe), and Poland's renowned chain of stores FOTA SA (Owner of 105 large stores in Poland). From 01/07/2009 Modifier Plus will also be available on the network stations ORLEN

Third Modifier Plus in its composition does not include ceramic, Teflon or any metal particles that can damage the engine during operation.

Modifier Plus has all necessary certificates and patents, which are the product of this type must have, including the most important - TÜV - German Certificate of Quality and Safety.

I facilitate the starting of the engine

... Even at low temperatures
As a result of low temperatures outside comes to oil thickening, and thus the difficulty in starting the engine. But even in conditions of severe Russian winter, where the temperature falls even below
-40C °, engines which implement the modifier Plus achieved incredible results. Easy start-up and improved engine performance in both low and high temperatures also prolong the life of equipment, such as the starter or battery.


Plus with modifier to victory!
Tom Porebski - it was he who this season won the Polish Championship, being challengingu Citroën C2R2 by far the best.
"The best results with modifier Plus - I recommend every driver" - Thomas Porebski

Polish champion Tomasz Porebski Citroën Racing Trophy

Team Customizer Plus a lot of times a participant in various events such as car races, shows and car showrooms and presentations in many European countries. Many reputable and well known players from the Czech, Polish, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria have tested Modifier Plus in their race cars. It appeared that the modifier Plus also gives good results in the engines of racing cars.

It is also worth knowing that in recent years in our automotive market there are different types of preparations, often without testing and certification of quality, which promised engine regeneration and improvement of its properties. Frequently there was no improvement, and certainly not for a longer period. Unfortunately, some of these preparations led up to serious engine damage, undermining the credibility of effective preparations. In contrast modifier Plus really works and its composition does not contain Teflon, particles of metal, ceramic or other particles of large sizes, which could lead to engine damage during operation.

It operates on a completely different way - on the basis of nanotechnology, where the size of molecules and macromolecules are incredibly small - the size of several nm.

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